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14th June 2019


Call Armour Pest Control on 01993 650131 or 07481553551 Wasp Control in Chipping Norton Oxfordshire


Armour Pest Control covers all OX postcodes and also GL7, GL53,GL54,GL55,GL56. 


Why do we control wasps in Oxfordshire?

Wasps are one of Britain’s most feared and potentially aggressive pests, wasps are known for their nasty stings and seemingly unprovoked attacks.

Wasps will usually only attack a person if they feel threatened. But the  problem is a social wasp in distress emits a pheromone that sends nearby colony members into a defensive, stinging frenzy.

So… when you try and swat at wasps they will emit a pheromone calling for reinforcements! If you are allergic to wasps then their stings could cause anaphylaxis. this is a potential life threatening situation!

Call APC for your wasp control in Oxfordshire on 01993 650 131