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Rat and small rodent infestations are capable of causing extreme damage and distress and are a high health risk. The most common type of rat is the Brown Rat which is able to gnaw and burrow through the most durable of materials putting it in a high bracket of dangerous pests.

Rat and Mice Pest Control services in Holywell, Oxford

Do you want to stop mice and rats coming into your house or property? 

With our extensive building and trades experience, Armour Pest Control can help.

Being an all-trades company we know how buildings work and how rodents find their way in and out of properties. We can identify all the holes, gaps and conduits that rodents use to gain access and, crucially, we know the most effective way to try to block them.

Winter is very much rodents season is fast approaching in the Oxford area and they will be moving ever closer to our properties and buildings in search for warmth and shelter. Armour Pest Control offer rodent treatments in the Oxford area all year round. In these rodent treatments our skilled technicians will conduct a survey of the property internally and external to assess whether there are proofing issues and ingress points for the rodents to enter buildings. They will also survey externally to see if there are hygiene or vegetation issues that may be offering harbourage and access to the property. They will make professional suggestions to our customers as this is a more long solution to the problems. We will bait and trap accordingly after a risk assessment of the site is conducted. Safety is paramount to us at Armour Pest Control along with getting results.

Rodent Pest Control Holywell in Oxford

How to look for signs of rats in your home.

All rats will leave droppings in and around your home and they have a natural instinct to chew (on anything). You can identify well used routes by the smear marks on walls and in some cases tracks that they leave behind. Rat burrows are the holes they leave when they dig in your garden beds or under the shed. Do also listen for them in wall cavities, lofts and voids under wooden flooring. Call APC for rat control in Oxfordshire on 01993 650 131.

Why do we need to control rats in Holywell, Oxford?

Rats and other rodents could potentially carry dangerous diseases like;

Call APC for rat control in Holywell, Oxford on 01993 650 131.

Steps you can take to avoid rats in your home.

You could avoid rats entering you home by following a few steps, ensure all of your bins have lids on and no holes in them. Place any stored food in plastic boxes with lids on, this will only be for food in soft accessible packaging. Ensure your bird feeders are kept tidy, rats love the food that the birds spill on the ground it’s like a take away for them. Ensure your drain covers are in good order, rats do use drains to navigate. Call APC for rat control in Oxfordshire on 01993 650 131.

What does APC do for you?

We will do a survey of your property to see exactly where they come in, why they are coming in and what keeps them there. On our first visit we will proof against entrance where possible and we will also place poison in secure bait boxes in the property. On our second visit we will replace the poison with a different one (this is to avoid rats becoming immune to the poison) and we will check to see if there are any new entry points and activity areas. All poisons and bait boxes will be removed at the end of the treatment. Call APC for rat control in Oxfordshire on 01993 650 131.

Why Are Rats and Mice Pests and a danger?

Rats are disease carriers and pose very serious threats to the health of humans and pets. Diseases they carry include E. Coli, Tuberculosis, Salmonella and Cryptosporidoisis all of which can be fatal of passed onto humans or animals. Like rats, mice carry disease in their parasites and droppings. Breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse excrement has been linked to the deadly hantavirus.

The most common disease related to the rat is Leptospirosis or Weils Disease contained within rat urine. If humans come into contact orally or through an open wound the consequences can result in severe illness or fatality. Symptoms are flu-like initially but can lead to far greater issues. Rats have the ability to swim up sewer pipes into toilets and both rats and mice will gnaw through all sorts of building material to get to a food source.

Did you know?

Rats and rodents like mice are most active at night meaning that they are rarely seen although evidence of home or premises invasion is present, such as their droppings, their ammonia-like smell, damage to wood, plastic and torn food packaging.

Our Solution

Our expert technicians will assess the extent of the problem and propose a plan of action.

We follow the E.R.D (Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction) methods of controlling:

  • Exclusion – Proofing (keep them out).
  • Restriction – Good housekeeping, vegetation management.
  • Destruction – Baits, traps, anti-coagulant, rodenticides.

Our technicians assess the extent of the problem, laying baits or traps where necessary. Baits and traps need to be checked regularly and the materials removed at the end of each treatment.

Often, more than one treatment will be required to ensure optimum control. These forms of treatments are generally applied for all types of rodents.

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