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10th February 2019

Equestrian pest control.

Every farm will come with its own challenge, usually this will be in the form of rodents. Armour-PestControl specialises in equestrian pest control, from small riding schools to race horse farms we have it covered. Call us on 07481553551

What do we do?

Armour-PestControl will do a thorough survey of the farm, with this we will complete a picture of where the rodents are coming from and where they are feeding and nesting. Once this is done then we will help with housekeeping on the farm. We need to ensure that we do everything within reason to eliminate all possible nesting spots. This is not always an easy task as rodents love nesting in hay and we will then need to keep them away. Rodents will also damage feed, always keep your animal feed in sealed bins.

Mouse in a grain bin.

Long Term Poisoning

Once we have established where the rodents come from we can then use bait boxes. Where we place the boxes will be based on a risk assessment ensuring that we target the correct areas in the correct way. Equestrian pest control will work when we remove the rodents food and
harbourage. We will then go on and use profesional bait boxes. This will ensure that none of the bait will be spilled ensuring the safety of the horses and any other pets on the farm.

Armour-PestControl supports the safe use of rodenticides.

Armour-PestControl covers Oxford, Banbury, Moreton in Marsh, Burford, Witney, Carterton, Gloucester, Cirencester and everywhere in between. Our work is fully guaranteed and our technicians are BPCA accredited.